Teen Punished After Driving Her Drunk Friend Home

In the United States of America, no good deed shall go unpunished. Unfortunately it seems like we celebrate the exact opposite sometimes.

If you volunteer for the military and demonstrate that you are extremely adept at killing ‘enemy’ combatants of a nameless country that our government refuses to get along with, you may be rewarded with a “Medal of Honor” and hailed as a hero in the mainstream media.

But don’t you dare demonstrate empathy, kindness, and responsibility by driving your intoxicated friend home from a party to ensure that she arrives home safely. You will be punished severely for your belligerent non-compliance to the tyrannical and non-negotiable rules of the nanny state.

That is precisely what has happened to high school senior Erin Cox. She was suspended from her school Volleyball team and demoted from her role as Captain because of her schools idiotic “zero-tolerance” policy for student leaders on alcohol and drugs. This is despite the fact she was SOBER while she was driving her intoxicated friend home.

The silver lining of this story is that it’s wonderful to witness the good-nature of this pupil’s mother, who has raised her daughter to be kind, loyal, compassionate, and helpful. All while being 100% in her daughter’s defense and clearly being disgusted that the non-negotiable policies of the school district have trumped common sense, compassion, and all-around good citizenship.

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