Washington Post Poll: 78% Did Not Miss Government During Shutdown


Source: CNS News

A large majority of Americans say they did not miss the federal government when it was partially shutdown during the first half of October, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released today. The survey conducted Oct. 17-20 asked 1,002 adults: “Were you personally inconvenienced by the partial shutdown of the federal government or not?”

If the person said they were inconvenienced, the survey asked this followup: “Was it a major inconvenience or a minor inconvenience?” 78 percent said that they were not inconvenienced by the partial shutdown of the government. Of the 22 percent who said they were inconvenienced, 11 percent said it was a major inconvenience and 11 percent said it was a minor inconvenience.

  • Michael Rivero

    Personally, I would have preferred keeping the museums open and shutting down the military, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, Congress, and the White House! Hardly anyone would have missed those!

  • jaydi

    i actually felt safer with the govt shut down.