Britain’s Mean Streets – Immigrant life in the UK

Source: Journeyman Pictures

The UK is bitterly divided on the EU and immigration. As the opening up of Europe’s borders creates a new wave of poverty on its streets, we witness the deprivation and anger as it reaches crisis point. Walking down London’s most exclusive streets, the smell of improvised toilets clashes with high-class boutiques and luxury car showrooms. “Their take on the world doesn’t chime with ours.”

Nik Ward, head of Westminster Council’s Rough Sleepers Department says of the immigrants he’s looking to clean off the streets. It’s now estimated that a third of the city’s homeless are now from eastern Europe. Zie Babaks, a Latvian immigrant, says many work but are exploited so that they “are not earning enough money to survive”. Migrants are also crammed into unsafe accommodation with the authorities using sophisticated thermal imaging technology to find them. Many like Bob McAuley direct their anger at the EU, “We’re sick to death of being ruled by Europe.”