Dick Cheney On NSA Spying, Edward Snowden, and Torture

First of all let me apologize for the somewhat misleading title. Because you see, war criminal and all-round despicable excuse for a human-being Dick Cheney is incapable of answering simple and straightforward questions such as “Why spy on an ally?”. He thrives on sabotaging interviews which ultimately answer and accomplish nothing, other than further exposing his incredible creepiness, narrow-mindedness, and sociopathic personality.

Within the first minute of this interview, he actually wants to give off the false veneer that NSA spying programs may or may not exist (hint: they do). Furthermore, “if they do exist”, he makes his point that such information would be classified and it would be inappropriate to talk about it. As if he has not done many inappropriate things in the course of his 21st century political career.

Cheney goes on to exclaim that Mr. Snowden is a traitor, and that he hopes Edward receives the justice he deserves. The only justice Mr. Snowden deserves is a presidential pardon and the highest civil award from every world leader whom the NSA was spying on. This war criminal actually thinks that Edward Snowden has done more damage to the United States than any policy he supported during his murderous tenure as Vice President, and that somehow Mr. Snowden has violated the law while he has not.

Dick goes on to reiterate his support for “advanced interrogation techniques” (translation: Torture) and that he believes using such methods during the War on Terrorism was the right thing to do.