Ridiculous Job Titles Dreamed Up By Recruitment Consultants To Make Vacancies Sound More Enticing


(Source: Open View Partners)

Source: Daily Mail

Applying for a new job can be a lengthly process – especially when you’re not sure exactly what it is you’re applying for. Recruitment consultants have come up with a swathe of ridiculous job titles to make their vacancies sound more appealing.

Some applicants may be put off by a job advert for a ‘bin man’, so recruiters have decided to jazz the title up, instead calling the position a ‘sanitation engineer’. And while a ‘mobile sustenance facilitator’ sounds like quite a convoluted role, it is in fact code for a burger van worker.

Chris Smith, CEO of MyJobMatcher.com, has called for clarity and plain English in the job market so applicants know exactly what job they are applying for. He added: ‘Some of the euphemisms used are downright ridiculous. Being called a gastronomical hygiene engineer doesn’t stop the fact that you’ll be washing pots in a restaurant kitchen day after day.’

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