Welfare Recipient Shock Interview: “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”

Source: The Daily Sheeple

While millions of Americans spend half their lives or more toiling for a paycheck, millions more are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the government to issue them their next monthly distribution.

Case in point: A welfare recipient in Austin recently contacted a morning radio show and explained that she gets a lot of money from the program. What she does with it may (or may not) surprise you.

“While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us? I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed… Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.”

  • Alstry Nomics

    That is what rich people get to do who got unprecedented PUBLIC FINANCIAL WELFARE from the PUBLIC FINANCIAL BAILOUT, except they get to induldge a lot more.

  • Athena

    This is a clearly fake.

  • andres herrera

    Another right wing ploy to sway the sheeple. Illegal immigrants can not receive welfare. One needs a ss # in order for that to happen.

  • Dolly50

    I don’t believe this article.

  • keepinitreal

    If non citizens are pregnant or have children, they can get help with food and medical.