Painfully low standards to join Atlanta Police

Atlanta Police Department

In the modern United States of America, where a college degree is increasingly becoming a requirement just to be an entry-level secretary in many businesses (or a McDonalds cashier in another famous story), the city of Atlanta is taking a different approach and setting the minimum requirements to be a police officer almost preposterously low.

To be a lawman in the nations 9th largest metropolitan area, you are not expected to have had the emotional or scholastic fortitude to successfully finish the 12th grade (a GED will suffice), military veterans with an “uncharacterized” discharge are fine (in lieu of “honorable”), and there appears to be no formal testing on vital aspects of the Constitution or Bill of Rights, even though all the cadets will swear to uphold them at their graduation ceremony.

  • Jeff Free

    The standards have to be set so low for a reason. Even a high school graduate has too much to live for, instead of being an Atlanta cop assigned to patrol some of the toughest ‘hoods in the country and constantly deal with the most pathetic lowlifes in the world on the south and west sides of that town!