Mideast Malaise: Arab Spring to spill into 2014?

The Arab Spring is about to enter its fourth year, with peace in the Middle East seeming still far off. 2013 left a bloody mark on several countries in the region. In Egypt, deadly protests and clashes between supporters and opponents of the government led to a military coup in July when President Morsi was ousted and put in prison.

A chemical weapons crisis in Syria claimed over a thousand lives, and nearly triggered a U.S. intervention. It was narrowly avoided by a diplomatic solution brokered by Russia. There was also a diplomatic victory for Iran, as it reached an historic nuclear deal. Throughout the year, RT has witnessed first-hand what protesters, innocent civilians and security forces have had to endure.

In September, the world held its breath as the U.S. threatened to strike Syria in response to a chemical attack which Washington blamed squarely on the Assad government. But Russia’s diplomatic efforts managed to prevent the use of force and a resolution on the Syrian toxic arsenal was found.

Brian Becker, director of the Anti-War ANSWER coalition, joins RT for more insight on the current state of the war-torn country.

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