How America Makes Smart People Stupid


Source: Return of Kings

America has an odd way of making smart people stupid.

I went to a college full of people who were bright on paper. I was friends with people who were at the top of their classes, in classes chock full of smart people. Yet if you talked to these people about anything beyond their narrow field of expertise, they knew nothing. And not only did they know nothing, they had no desire to know more than nothing; even a subject of wide appeal like human nature wouldn’t get their interest. They were philistines in every area of human thought, except their own – and that too bored them. Political science majors would squint in confusion when you asked them about political philosophy, as if you had asked them how to refine uranium into fissile plutonium.

I came to college hoping to be engaged intellectually, among fellow students. I didn’t find that. People who did fancy themselves as intellectuals were awkward, weird, boring – and their conversations were about the nerdy trivia of Star Wars and video games. Screwing around with girls was far more mentally engaging – at least that drew laughs and satisfied my penis. Being curious didn’t get you any closer to an internship with Goldman Sachs or a spot at Johns Hopkins’ medical school, so it went ignored among the students.

In an intellectual sense, they were effeminate – they would only want to know something when society would reward them for it – which is the same reason why so few women opt for the thankless job of editing Wikipedia. There was no intellectual interest independent of professional gain. There was none of that masculine desire to know for knowing’s sake, like a medieval monk might have. At most, people would spout their personal feelings about something, ignore what everyone else said, and pat themselves on the back for ‘being so expressive.’

Among the intelligent in America, the chief object of study is learning to conform

You would try to figure out what other people were thinking, and parrot it accordingly. Thankfully, Orwellian campus newspapers made it easy to conform. It was hard to even find the words to dissent. When someone did dissent, you were sure to hear about it, in harsh scolding tones, with shock and anger. Personally, I had a teacher ‘correct’ me when I failed to include an ‘or she’ when I correctly used ‘he’ to refer to both sexes.

When you’d say something controversial, and it was logically convincing, they would fall silent. They knew what you were saying was taboo – but they couldn’t prove you wrong. Or they may have even sensed that you were right – but your position was so taboo they had to stay silent. They wouldn’t give your argument an honest look, lest they become convinced and believe something different from everyone else. Controversial beliefs were just a liability to a bright ambitious future as an up-and-coming mandarin. So it was imperative to walk around with a protective cage around the mind – thinking impure thoughts would only keep them from fitting in and having a successful career.

Maybe they were so unused to a clear framing of debate that everything you said confused them. And there were the philistines – principally girls – who’d say “how do you even know this?!” – to shame you for knowing something that they didn’t.

At best, people would come and tell you they agree with you in private – and then go right back to parroting the herd’s message. They could not even manage to stay silent, lest they raise doubt by withholding their agreement. It was like a communist party meeting where every vote ran 100% in favor of the party position, yet there was no Stalin or Mao there to send them off to a death camp if they abstained.

A few men retain their curiosity, but they go to comical lengths to cloak their dissent behind a studied pose of ignorance. Paul Graham, a celebrated Silicon Valley capitalist, wrote an essay about the taboos of our time, and how they make certain truths unutterable. Yet he could not bring himself to mention any of those very taboos. That which goes unsaid goes unquestioned. Men of power have refused their duty to live not by lies, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote:

And the simplest and most accessible key to our self-neglected liberation lies right here: Personal non-participation in lies. Though lies conceal everything, though lies embrace everything, but not with any help from me.

This opens a breach in the imaginary encirclement caused by our inaction. It is the easiest thing to do for us, but the most devastating for the lies. Because when people renounce lies it simply cuts short their existence. Like an infection, they can exist only in a living organism…

So in our timidity, let each of us make a choice: Whether consciously, to remain a servant of falsehood-of course, it is not out of inclination, but to feed one’s family, that one raises his children in the spirit of lies-or to shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of respect both by one’s children and contemporaries.

Occasionally I go to political events and see a similar pattern. On the right, among Republicans and conservatives, the only people making bold claims are crackpot audience members. The crackpots may have poor powers of reasoning – but at least they’re using them. Then there are the rich backers who bring in the speaker – they are too polite by half to discuss his ideas in earnest. They are all desperately waiting for a man to step up, and say what they are too cowardly to say themselves. Deep down, they know what must be said, but to a man, no one has the balls to say it.

You can see this dynamic on display in this clip, in which Allen West discusses the nature of Islam. Regardless of your position on Islam or Allen West, what’s happening is obvious – the crowd is waiting for a man to say what everyone in the room believes about Islam. The greying panelists hem and haw empty platitudes until Allen West takes the microphone, and speaks forcefully (skip to ~0:48):

The West is stuck in that very moment, in wait, for a man possessed of conviction to stride to the podium and defiantly state the unutterable truths of our day.

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  • Fred

    It’s a pity that “everyone in the room” is wrong. Helen Thomas is correct in her assessment.

  • Ezra Pound

    This article is brimming with thinly-veiled anti-Semitism. The subtle jabs at feminism, tolerance and left-leaning social progressives are all tell-tale signs. The one thing the article gets right is the disease of Pisslam which must be eradicated.

    • Kieth Corleone

      Fine example of a completely brain-washed Jew due to the continual efforts of his diseased, putrid, evil, death dealing, decptive, controlling tribe of satan. How do you feel about that Ezra?

      • Ezra Pound

        I think you just got yourself put on a list to be disposed of when the time is right. Enemies of Israel not be tolerated for much longer in America or anywhere else.

        • Joe truth

          Proof positive of the diseased sub-human cult of Jewbags that actually believe that they are the chosen ones and thus superior to the rest of humanity. Well you slimy, pathetic hook nosed cunt, keep wishing. Your tribe may control money, banks, governments, media, and hollywood. They will NEVER control people. Too many of us versus too few of you. Your disease represents less than 1% of humanity. The Goy are waking up to your evil. Soon a landslide of awakening will occur and your filthy tribe will cease to exist. Only then will peace be possible. The Protocols of Zion were written over 100 years ago and still your pathetic child like cult tribe only owns a small slice of land in the middle of the desert. Not a whole lot of progress there Goldbrgsteinowitz. Remember Ezra, 6.9 billion versus less than 1% of you. Maybe you should abandon your death cult Jew tribe and join the rest of humanity.

    • knifemare69

      @ Carlos – You do realize that by saying the Jews ‘run the world’ that you’re implying they have some kind of superiority, right? I mean they’re not legendary warriors who beat Vikings and Mongols, Warren Buffett and his crowd aren’t Jewish, so why all the insecurity and period pains? How could a tribe of merchants and musicians totally take over and kick your ass? Puh-leeze…

      @ Ezra – Feminism, democracy and social progressives have NOTHING to do with being a Jew. Find another Straw Man, preferably one more credible than your hysterical pronouncements. Oh, and for your ignorant trolling, here’s some history: Jews and Islam coexisted peacefully for over 1,000 years – until fundamentalist Christian psychos in the Anglo-American establishment funded Zionism in the 19th century. You’re just another Wall Street troll pushing for more wars because you HATE paying market prices for raw materials…

      • Carlos Santini

        Yo Knifemare69, the Jews control ALL the money. With that money they buy off entire governments like the USA. Then our technolocicaly superior military fights the International Jew Cabals wars of aggression against any country that would oppose The Jews and their central banking cartel. Only Cuba, Sudan, Iran and North Korea still maintain control over their banks pisspants. And who are we always threatening? See a pattern here Einstein? Guess who until recently had their own banks and now have Jew owned and controlled banks? Hint: Iraq, Libya, Afgannistan, Pakistan. And who did we help destroy??? Hmmm?? The Jewbags use lots of Shabbos Goy to do their dirty work Numnuts. At less than 1% of world population they must use useful idiots to conduct their business. Looks like they got you fooled too. Perhaps it’s time for you to do a little real research into how the world really works Junior. You are kind of embarrasing when you show your ignorance.

  • Samuel Adams

    this one got me a little bit. while reading i had this creepy feeling, like what would make a child cry, or a dog growl, but i had to continue on to see what was at the end of the staircase…wow….the very thing that the author was pretending to describe and disclose was smashed right into my face…


  • hu_wen

    9-11 was an inside job.

  • Gordon Klock

    Israel was behind 911,& now the Zionist & the whatevercons are turning the entire world into some sort of radioactive, poisoned, open air prison, with plans to ‘de-populate’ most of us, & enslave the survivors. If trying to see through multiple layers of brainwashing bullshit makes me an “anti-Semite” then I guess I’m guilty.(non-Zionist Jews are in the same boat, unless their lying about it.)

    • Carlos Santini

      Truth is spoken. Thank you Gordon. Now tell EVERYONE.

  • rachel

    Women stay away from Wikipedia because it is run by the most bureaucratic jerks of every nation, not because they are Americans or stupid.

    After a few thousand edits in both German and English Wikipedia, I became demoralised because the jerks there, both Germans and Americans, cannot handle independent thinking and curiosity, and will accuse you of original research. I do not buy the cultural Marxist race-class-gender nonsense, but I do find the philistines who run Wikipedis to be extremely hostile to women.

    • Carlos Santini

      Jews run Wikipedia Rachel. Jews never let the truth stand in the way of their quest to re-write history.

  • carlos santini

    Well Colnel West I see that you are either completely brainwashed by Jewish propaganda to the extent that you actually believe what you say, or you are a pathetic liar. Which is it Colnel? Yes there is a reason that most Americans are dumber than a second coat of paint. It’s all due to the International Jew ownership and control of ALL media, entertainment, education and our useless, pathetic “government” as the good Colnel so painfully demonstrates. The International Jew cabal is the enemy of all humanity. This insideous dark cabal works endlessly to own and control the world. How? They own and control the world’s central banks and thus can buy off EVERYONE. You never hear about it because they own and control ALL media and the entertainment industry. So all Joe six pack ever hears and sees are Jewish lies, deceptions and propaganda. Muslims have no power. They are against Usury. The tool that the Jew thrives on. Muslims have not been thrown out of over 100 countries throughout history, Jews have. Why is that? Is it because they wear funny hats and have big huge jew bag noses? No. It’s because they constantly engage in money lending, or Usury and work endlessly to control everything by deception. There is a reason that Jewbags do what they do. They fancy themselves as the chosen ones and see all non-jews as Goyim. Goyim is a deragatory term that discribes non-jews as sub-human cattle only put on earth to serve Jews. All this is explained in excrutiating detail in the Talmud and The Protocols of Zion.
    The enemy of humanity is the Jew. But by deception thou shall do war. So mindless Goyim are taught by Jews to see the enemy as Muslims. Jews did 9/11, not the muslims. And now we have a police state at home, and never ending wars in the middle East to punish Muslims for what the Jews did. Thanks Jewbags. Time to wake up Goyim sheeple.

  • Sven Von Truthingstein

    Emmanuel Goldfuckingstein?? Really? Can you be anymore pathetically Jewbag than that? Now it alll makes sense. Jewbag Goldstein writes his drivel filled story and attaches a shameless propaganda video that tries to convince the sheepish Goyim into believing that Muslims are an enemy. All the while his putrid Jewish tribe of lies, death and deception strives endlessly to control the world in accordance with the PROTOCOLS OF ZION. The enemy of ALL humanity is the International Zionist Jew cabal.