You Don’t Own Your Home and You Never Will

homeownership myth

Look at the house we’re buying for the State!

Source: Pete Sisco

I’m not talking about the bank holding the mortgage on your home. Even if you think you own your home free and clear, you really don’t own it at all. You lease it from the State and it sets the terms and conditions that allow you to occupy the house or sell it to another lessee. The State owns the house and land in perpetuity and you can not alter this arrangement.

When I was a kid my dad bought a new four-bedroom house in 1964 for about $28,000. He had a good job and stuck his financial neck out by taking on a whopping monthly payment of $190 on a twenty-five year mortgage. He and my mom would talk about how when they got the house paid off they would not have to pay the $190 every month and that would basically put them on Easy Street.

My dad never made it the twenty five years. By the time my mom paid off the mortgage the monthly property tax bill was $450 per month! There is no way to pay that off once and for all and, in fact, it is subject to constant increase by political whim. Eventually the money paid in relentless property taxes exceeds the cost of the home. What was true for her is true for all homeowners.

Moreover, the terms and conditions under which you occupy “your” home are a further burden to you. You can’t add onto the home without permission, you can’t subdivide the land without permission. You can only have certain pets and only a certain number of them. You must maintain the home to a certain standard. Violation of any rule can cause you to lose the home and be evicted for repeated non-compliance with State orders. (After all, they are the true owners.)

Depending on your tax jurisdiction, when you die a large portion of your home’s value can be claimed by the State and your heirs would either have to pony up the cash or sell the home to pay the inheritance taxes. Then the State resets the clock with the new “tenant.”

Throughout the long life of the home the State does not contribute a penny to the expense of the home’s upkeep or the costs of complying with the myriad of regulations concerning things like fence heights, swimming pool regulations, tree trimming, wildfire regulations and dozens of other ordinances or bylaws.

Moreover, the State-granted monopoly utilities provided to the home – water, phone, gas and electricity – are further taxed at constantly increasing rates which you must pay in order to occupy the home.

Claiming to be an “owner” under these unilateral and coercive terms and conditions begs the definition of the word ownership. I have briefly lived in a communist country and I can tell you there is very little practical difference in home ownership there. Oh, plus their kids didn’t have put their hand over their heart and pledge allegiance to the State every morning at school – I guess that would be too Orwellian for communists.

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  • Confederate

    Every quarter when I get the property tax bill I write on the outside; “Say no to govt. tax theft” also “If we don’t pay, the county will steal your property and resell it” My question is who has given the communist county officials permission to tax, waste money and evict citizens from their property? If the SHTF there won’t be any property taxes until after the event and then when they try to re-institute it, there may be “pushback” in the manner of live ammo down range. Just sayin. I am so damned tired of being taxed to death I could scream. I don’t have children in school, so why pay school taxes. Fire and police could be provided if you sign up for it and pay a yearly fee, that would help keep waste down, There are other remedies, but the communists in charge don’t care, we are after all, the sheeple.

    • Pyra Gorgon

      I live in the rural areas of fly-over country and we pay yearly “fire dues” to our local volunteer fire department. Payment is voluntary, HOWEVER, if you ever have a fire of any kind (whether doing a turf burn, field burn, litter burn in woods, even a fire pit that got out of hand) and you have not paid your fire dues, then you get billed for equipment usage, time of volunteers, etc.

      We pay our dues without fail. $35 a year. Without dues paid: mucho dinero.

  • glorybe2

    Much of the problem rests upon population density. As more people live elbow to elbow more regulations must exist. One answer is a requirement to own a much larger lot which in itself would lower population density but set off many other problems. Property taxes are a huge problem. Taxes must be raised from somewhere but the question is where. Perhaps we should apply special, life long taxes, to those who commit a felony or get caught driving drunk. those penalties might let us free ourselves of property taxes. We do know that cutting taxes does not work at all. Cutting taxes creates useless agencies who do not have the funds to do the work they are charged with doing. My favorite is to tax companies that offshore portions of their corporations such that they pay higher taxes than if they kept it all at home.