Male Victims of Domestic Violence Form New Group To Speak Out & Take Action

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Source: The Libertarian Republic

Is Domestic Violence Really A Gender Issue?

A new activist project centered on the United Kingdom called “Hequal” is being formed to speak out on behalf of male victims of domestic violence. The group has already had some successes they claim, such as getting Amazon to withdraw an ex-boyfriend punching bag for women, as well getting the UK’s biggest cancer charity to recognize male victims of cancer.

The group was launched recently on International Men’s Day, a holiday on November 19th created in 1999 to recognize men’s health issues. The group describes themselves thusly:

From the announcement:

Our primary concern is the sexism in society that we all fund ourselves whether we like it or not, i.e. sex discrimination by the state, or by groups in receipt of taxpayer funding. Sexism by large and powerful companies will also be a priority, particularly if those companies are dominant and thus are hard to boycott (though we’ll happily challenge all forms of real sexism, big and small). There are a great many myths and downright lies out there when it comes to gender issues and we’ll be tackling them head-on.

From their website: 

HEqual represents a new brand of equality activism. We’re politically neutral, egalitarian, independent and above all else determined to get results. While gender feminist activism concerns itself with making men sitting down to go to the toilet, critiques their seating posture on public transport and seeks to remove Winston Churchill from banknotes, we’ll be tackling the other minor equality issues that appear to have slipped their minds.

Why now?

It’s clear that egalitarians are winning the arguments when it comes to gender issues. Whether it be harmful unmerocratic quotas, child genital mutilation, female sentencing discount or sexist domestic violence service provision, we are winning the arguments hands down. Just read the most popular comments for news articles on such issues, views that were quite novel and subject to silencing in the past are now widely accepted amongst the public, if not by the ruling elite.

The Hequal campaign insists that they won’t be like most feminists groups, whose focus relies on forcing men to sit down while urinating or complain about how men sit on public transport. The group has a new initiative they will be launching soon.

From John Kimble, Director of Hequal: “The fact is that after so much debate and talk, the arguments now have largely been won. Most people are now acutely aware that men have been left out when it comes to gaining equality and they recognise that men deserve the same rights and protection as women. It’s time for those victories in debates to finally translate into real change.”

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