Australian Police Continue Their Incessant Smear Campaign Against “Bikies”


(Image Source: The Age)

Source: Ingenious Press

State Police forces in Australia, in close cooperation with mainstream media outlets such as 7News, have been waging a protracted smear campaign against “criminal” motorcycle gangs in the country for much of the past year. In fact, evening news broadcasts in Australia feature so many stories related to oh-so-troublesome bikies they have almost devolved into self-parody. They are acting as if there are hardly any other pressing issues facing this continent-sized country of 23 million people, let alone the world. (Because they are certainly not covering Fukushima very much!)

While most motorcycle gang members are far from angelic individuals (and I am not one to argue for an instant that their lifestyle or heavily tattooed and pierced appearances considerably limit their employment options), they have been routinely demonized by Australian politicians, police, and mainstream media outlets like they are the scourge of the Earth, and are automatically dubbed “criminals” or “outlaws” simply for belonging to a fringe element of society.

The Australian police often attempt to capitalize on this smear campaign by trying to make themselves look like the saviors of a nation which would presumably fall apart if the bikies were aloud to roam free and do as they please. However, there has been a small but growing backlash in recent months among the Australian population, and many are now coming out in support of biker organizations. They feel they are not only unfairly ostracized, but sympathize with them for becoming victims of rampant journalistic, political, and law enforcement bullying, which has resulted in numerous false arrests and over-the-top police raids.

The state of Queensland has implemented the harshest and most draconian laws related to the quote-on-quote bikie problem, which have euphemistically been called ‘anti-association’ laws. These laws stipulate that three or more known bikers are forbidden to be grouped together while present in Queensland territory, effectively curtailing their rights to freedom of movement or peaceful assembly.

(Note: The geo-politics of Australia are much like the United States in many respects, only on a much smaller scale. Australia encompasses a loose federation of states which are granted considerable autonomy to pass more localized laws and ordinances which may or may not apply to other Australian states and territories. However, they all formally recognize, align themselves with, and ultimately answer to the federal government in Canberra under one nation and one flag.)

In the following video clip from 7News Australia, we get to see just how far civil liberties are quickly devolving in Queensland. Five bikers (none wearing their club colors) from the state of Victoria are holidaying in the Gold Coast, and are approached and demanded identification from uniformed police. Under what grounds or suspicions? For being “big, muscly, and tattooed” by the words of Police Inspector Brendan Smith. (Such ridiculous protocol would see the vast majority of NFL and NBA players being detained on a daily basis in the United States, among countless numbers of other people).

Unfortunately, even good-natured police officers with a strong sense of moral justice are being hurt by this draconian campaign. The Queensland Police Service has warned it’s officers not to question the State Government’s tough anti-bikie policies if they want to keep their jobs. As a result, the threat of unemployment and the implosion of personal finances will essentially force these policemen to take part in activities they would otherwise find reprehensible.

“On some occasions police were told to go and get some search warrants and go and search all residences that we know that are owned by bikies. And when the question was asked, what are the grounds? They said, just do your job if you want to have a job.

Look, this is completely unacceptable. We need to act within the law.” – Ian Leavers, President of the Queensland Police Union

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