Six Police Cruisers Involved In Overkill Interrogation Of Australian Biker

The state of Queensland’s controversial new anti-bikie or ‘anti-association’ laws (which are designed to dismantle or banish motorcycle clubs from the state by making their members’ lives a living hell) demonstrated their potential for overkill recently, when a 45-year-old biker was detained for what he claims was the 21st time.

Completely fed up, he has finally resorted to recording his encounters. On this occasion not one, not two, but SIX police cruisers get involved in interrogating him over his status as a bikie while filling up his vehicle at a service station.

The ensuing video has become a modest hit on Youtube and a public relations embarrassment for the Queensland Police. Despite this, the Police Commissioner has not apologized to the biker for the way he was questioned. Finally, to openly answer Mr. Evans’ question, you DO NOT have to ask police forces in Australia to be filmed while on duty. You have every right to film them and clearly you should continue to do so.

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  • Helpfulhippy

    The Premier actually said the government has nothing to do with the way the police go about their business. Yikes.

    • Navin R. Johnson

      He just doesn’t want to get involved. Newman is a lazy and piss-poor politician.

      • Helpfulhippy

        We certainly have them here in Canada as well Navin. We actually had a satirical political party called the Rhino party at one time. The name was chosen due to a politician’s similarities to the rhinoceros. Slow moving, dimwitted, but fast as hell when they sense danger. Cheers mate.

    • CGB

      He is likely correct. Police forces are actually private corporations and not answerable to the other private corporation that is the alleged government. When you realize the truth, everything makes sense.

  • CGB

    Thats nothing! My friend and I were sitting eating pizza in front of the pizza store in Pickering, Ontario in Canada. It was summer 1990 or 1991. I lost count after 15 police cruisers surrounded us. Two cops per cruiser with guns drawn. Their excuse was “we thought you were the bad guys”, our crime, riding Harley Davidson Motor cycles. I just addressed the crowed that gathered and explained to them with clear evidence explaining how their tax dollars were being wasted and the city was clearly employing too many cops. I would get stopped several times on the same day by the same cops. They learned their lessons, they don’t do this any more. I have had dozens of experiences like this. These Police tactics have been practiced here in Canada for decades.