Australian Police Are Disturbed When Bikies Gather Intelligence On Them (But It’s Totally Fine To Spy On Bikies)

Following eerily in the footsteps of the United States Government’s sinister and botched “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror”, the Seven News Network in Australia has been claiming the anti-bikie campaign is now the “War Against Bikies”. The Queensland Police stipulate this so-called war has reached a “dangerous” level, because in a recent raid on a bikie-affiliated property located in Townsville, officers discovered quote-on-quote “disturbing material”.

No, they did not stumble upon something so horrific like a child pornography ring, but merely surveillance shots of various members of the local police, who have oddly enough been doing their own extensive surveillance on the bikies since DECEMBER. The Queensland Police Service does not seem to appreciate the irony of the situation, nor reflect on their hypocritical stance of taking offense to the bikies’ actions. Ever heard of “What goes around, comes around”?