Imperial TSA admits to screening (molesting) more than 638 million air travelers in 2013

tsa molester molestation

Source: Natural News

The most repressive airport security force in the civilized world, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), recently published a summary on its blog of all the “accomplishments” it achieved in 2013. And listed as a bragging right are the more than 638 million air travelers that TSA screeners ushered through naked body scanners or molested with full-body pat-downs at U.S. airports throughout the year.

In an apparent attempt to legitimize its very existence, the TSA boasts that its thousands of screeners successfully groped or viewed naked imagery of more than 1.7 million air travelers per day in 2013. This collectively adds up to 638,705,790 air travelers who had their Fourth Amendment rights violated by federal employees throughout the year, which is 1,123,668 more than the number who had their rights infringed the previous year.

Somehow, these figures, which come from the TSA’s “Year in Review: 2013” report, are supposed to comfort Americans and make them feel safer. The TSA even alludes to this directly, suggesting that the agency is the “public face of our nation’s security” and that TSA screeners perform “difficult work” that requires “patience, stamina, and great attention to detail.”

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