Two bartenders charged with serving alcohol to drunk man who later died

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Source: Natural News

Editor’s Note: I took a professional bartending course in my home state of Georgia several years ago, and we had to become accustomed to DRAM Laws similar to this incident, where it would be us as the employees who gets in trouble if an intoxicated patron drives home and causes an accident by their own accord. These idiotic laws completely downplay the role of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for one’s own actions.

A pair of Tulsa, Oklahoma, bartenders are in hot water with the law after an intoxicated man they were serving was hit and killed by two different drivers as he was walking home last fall.

News On 6, a local television station, reports that the drivers who struck Sammy Ford were not charged with his death; instead, the bartenders were charged with serving alcohol to an intoxicated person, a felony in the state:

“Neither of the servers has a criminal record and they told investigators they didn’t feel Sammy was intoxicated when he left by himself that night,” the station reported.

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