Police Dogs and Civilian Dogs. It’s like comparing Kings and Cattle.

police dogs

Source: Ingenious Press

The most recent dog-murder-by-cop, which took place in Filer, Idaho is making it’s way around Youtube and social media. In light of this incident, I am reflecting on how truly different the lives of police dogs (K-9 units) and “civilian” dogs are valued in the eyes of the law.

If any human being is purposefully murdered, whether it’s a law enforcement officer or an everyday citizen, the perpetrator can expect being sentenced to life in prison, without possibility of parole, in many jurisdictions across the United States. In other words, the punishment fits the crime.

On the other hand, offing a police dog will land you many decades behind bars (35 years to be exact, essentially ending your life) and this animal will likely get an expensive state-sanctioned funeral that dwarfs what most humans receive. As for your dog, it is treated as nothing more than an annoying insect waiting to be squashed in the eyes of an insane patrolman. You will get a half-hearted “sorry about your loss” or some other bogus excuse and they will walk, largely free of any reprimand.

Want to see the stark difference? Compare the following two videos. The first shows the funeral procession for “Rocco” the police dog, who was in the service of the Pittsburgh police department, but was unfortunately fatally stabbed by a 21-year-old man just earlier this month. There are an IMMENSE amount of people in attendance and the funeral is likely costing the city a pretty penny. (Remember, this is for a DOG.)

The second video shows a very emotionally distraught man who’s dog “Ziggy” was shot by the police during a botched call-out, resulting from the officer responding to the wrong house. Retelling the incident to the media, the man exclaimed that after his pet had been shot, he was crying hysterically. The shooting officer responded by telling him “you need to calm down, you can get a new dog”. Can you just imagine the outcry coming from law enforcement, if an offender killed one of their police K-9’s and told them “you need to calm down………you can get a new dog!?”

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  • Garnette

    Kings eh? Tell that to the ones that been left in a vehicle to suffer and die. Sad to note that the torture death of a “King” and even “KINGS” by being confined and left in a hot car is only Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty. How do the other officers and dog families feel about that?? Do these other dogs who died equally as tragically get the big funeral and emotional folderol like this other unfortunate dog?? Does the officer/handler get charged with the torture and murder of a fellow officer.

    Don’t even get me started on the dogs and puppies shot and injured or killed by cops.

  • Mark Baland

    The only thing inaccurate about your post is that you fail to mention the important detail that cops can kill citizens with same impunity that they kill our dogs but it doesn’t work the other way around.