McFabrication: McDonald’s Ads vs The Real Thing

Admiral Ackbar Ruse Trap

  • Jim W.

    Still Lovin’ it? I NEVER ever loved it to begin with!

  • Keith

    Is that a dead fly on top of the ‘reality’ burger?

  • Fred

    I stopped a Mcdogloads once while traveling to use the bathroom. My dog was
    hungry so I bought her a hamburger. It made her sick, she threw it up and
    had GI distress for hours following. Nuff said, but I will still dump my trash and use
    the bathroom at Micky Dees..

  • amuncat

    I stopped shopping at McD’s when I went in to buy some fries, and when I got them they were luke warm and stale. I returned them to the check stand, and the guy didn’t really speak English(Hispanic). I finally got the manager and complained. He lied and argued that the fries were fresh as he continued to sell them from the drive through window. Finally, an older woman working in the back just took the stale fries and dumped them and replaced it with fresh fries. The people, obviously foreigners who had purchased a franchise, had no connection to the fact that McD’s fries USE to be legendary. Oh well…

  • cesca_nz

    My family have been eating at Harveys (Canadian fast food chain) for the last 2-3 years, instead of McD’s, even if that means going further to get to a Harveys shop, despite having a local McD’s

  • Diver Don

    Amazing how all these hit pieces against McD’s have surfaced since refusing to set up shops in new Israeli settlements on questionable occupied Palestinian lands. Saw another vid of some 20 yr old showing kids animals being slaughtered in the process of food preparation for the chain. I’m no fan of McD’s just don’t like seeing someone disturbing the playing field with hit pieces from bathroom users and those wanting revenge a-la-media…

  • Yeims

    Everyone needs to see the video made by that guy who first got a detailed physical exam and then ate exclusively at McDonalds for a month. At the end of that time, another detailed physical . . . and WOW! Half dead.

  • Phantomflinger

    Its funny because perhaps of the EU and UK laws, what we get over here is actually pretty good, beef is very good quality as are the potatoes and the cooking process, maybe in the US the laws need tightening so that all that rubbish doesn’t get thrown in?