Marine convicted of shooting deer-spotting teenage girl in the head

us marine

Editor’s Note: Remember, the TSA want to give “expedited screening” privileges at U.S. airports to all military servicemen as a ‘thank you’ for their service. That is, to edgy weapons experts just like this man here, who didn’t seem to think that a more appropriate ‘warning shot’ from a shotgun would be a blast towards the sky.

An honorably discharged Marine in Fayette County (part of metro Pittsburgh) was found guilty of shooting a teenage girl who was deer-spotting near his property in November 2012. The former Marine claimed he was merely trying to fire a “warning shot” to keep poachers off his property, but the well-placed shotgun shell just happened to strike the teenager in her hand, shoulder, and face.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    Kill the bastard! Burn him to death!

  • Benny Boy

    This marine reminds me of a classic Simpsons episode. “How am I supposed to go five days without shooting something!”

  • Mike

    I don’t think he should be charged. Those people were illegally hunting near his property, what if they shot towards his house and killed him. The girl deserved what she got.