Liz Wahl was swallowing the blue pill for 2.5 years while employed at RT – Resigns on air and gives CNN interview hours later

Did she not read the fine print that RT is a Kremlin-funded news agency which is SUPPOSED to make Russia look good no matter the circumstance? Is she really so blue pill that she thought it was wrong for Russia to “invade” Crimea and secure their vital naval assets in Sevastopol, and protect the 2/3rds Russian majority population of Crimea from potential reprisals from the hostile new puppet government in Kiev?

Russia is by no means a saint, savior, or shining light for the world. But frankly, Russia has been doing a lot more good for the world than the United States has being doing it seems for Eons. Also, the “America bashing” factor on RT (which Liz is complaining about) could be cut to a minimum if the United States government actually learned how to GET ALONG with the world, and put a lot more emphasis on repairing the very poor economic, infrastructure, and social conditions at home.

In any case, get ready to see more of Liz Wahl in the near future. Whoring out her sound bites, signing book deals, and probably taking a cushy job at a mainstream media outlet where she will regurgitate lies and slandered stories on an unimaginable scale compared to RT. Hopefully it will take her a little less than 2.5 years to figure that out.

How much were you paid to give that scripted resignation Liz? SELLOUT!

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