If You Ever Wanted To Do Something, Do It Now. It’s All About To Blow Sky High.

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The Russians pulled their Treasury bonds out of New York. And Russian corporations are pulling their money out of US banks. These are key signs that the dollar and the current US puppet government could collapse long before the 2016 elections. The dollar could never survive the sanctions Obama and Kerry are threatening. If we are lucky, President Putin of Russia and President XI Jinping of China, are too busy laughing at John Kerry to pay attention. It is not in China’s interest to force America into bankruptcy before China has squeezed every last gold bar out of US and London vaults. Their goal is to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency with a gold backed yuan.

America is on the verge of collapse. The occupying Power of the Bankers has bled us dry with their wars and their Ponzi schemes. They have stolen tens of trillions of dollars from our pensions and savings and sent it overseas. The Bankers are financially prepared if the dollar is collapsed when their puppet President imposes sanctions on Russia or makes some other strategic blunder in June of 2014 or maybe March 2015.

The dollar might survive past April of this year. But it might not. The dollar might even last a few months. But I don’t see how this precarious Dollar Bubble could possibly last until the next President takes office in January of 2017.

I have written of the clash between the Russo-Chinese alliance and the New World Order. But I do acknowledge that the West’s 30 families like the Rothschild’s have extensive holdings inside Russia and China.

I have written why I think there will be no war over Iran. And I also do not believe the US military will allow a suicidal attack against Russia.

This collapse has nothing to do with political parties. It has everything to do with the Federal Reserve being allowed to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. That is what drives the accumulation of Unpayable Debts which is the Cause of Depressions. Depressions are periods of time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. This is usually done through Hyperinflation as in 1923 Germany  or through default and foreclosure leading to Monetary Contraction as in 1933 America. The Third Way out of a Depression is through a less traumatic but systematic Debt Cancellation as the Babylonians did thousands of years ago.

In the near term, sanctions are worrisome but the inability of New York and London to deliver gold to Asia would be catastrophic. Please understand that collapse is coming as soon as April of 2014 but certainly no later than the inauguration date of the next American President. In fact I think we would be lucky to last that long.

There is an implosion coming. If you work in an American city, you might not be able one day soon to go to work there ever again.

If you live overseas and were thinking of visiting America, in a month or 12 months or 17 months, you might not even be able to safely visit what used to be a great nation.

I have said many times that when people overseas start dumping the dollar, that this will continue gathering steam until One Day American wages are cut in half. I cannot emphasize enough how close we are to the Day the Dollar Dies.

On the Day After the Dollar Dies half of America’s 330 million people will have nothing to eat. They will have no means of getting enough Food Stamps to buy food to feed their families. They will not be able to pay their Utility bills. They will not be able to make their insurance and car payments. But they will have 350 million guns.

On the Day After the Dollar Dies there will be Nationwide Food Riots. Are you prepared? Did you store food and water? The electricity in your area might be cut off. Do you have en exit plan? Does it involve major highways? Those might be blocked by the Department of Homeland Security. Do you have a safe place to go and a reliable means to get there alive and in one piece?

8 million Americans are on that Core list of people to be Disappeared in case of National Emergency which is to say when the Bankers get Hysterical about rioters looking for them. Some of us might wind up in concentration camps. Others might be alive in 30 days or 90 days After The Dollar Dies but find themselves holed up in an armed compound hoping for order out there to be established.

Some could find themselves under quarantine with a local band of survivors in 2016 or 2017 with multiple killer plagues having been released by the Bankers and their Minions.

None of us knows what will happen. But we do know that the Bankers stole everything we worked for. And they will use Hyperinflation to cover up their massive thefts. We do know they killed us by the tens of millions in their wars and in their concentration camps. We do know they have starved people to death by the tens of millions. We do know from their academic and Foundation studies they have plans to starve 500 million people to death when the Dollar Dies. We do know they are spending our tax dollars devising plagues to kill us by the billions. We do know that the Bankers and their Minions have never in the past hesitated when it came time to kill us when they were threatened with loss of control.

But today I want to look on the brighter side of not having much time left.

If there is some place or some one person you wanted to see before the world plunges into self-destruction, you might want to do that very soon.

If there was something you wanted to write or to create, then do it Now. There might literally not be a next month for many of us.

Now is the time to say Yes to Life. Yes. We need to plan. Yes, we need to store food. Yes. We need to have a safe destination when Wall Street starts multiple Race Wars and Food Riots.

But we cannot allow the Bankers to destroy our culture. We cannot surrender our humanity to the scum of Wall Street and the City of London. We cannot allow the music, the arts and our literature to die with the dollar, the pound and the euro.

A Note of Caution: Please do not take what I have said to mean I advocate violence. We are not yet in a state of Declared War.

Commerce will have to established again. We will need to grow food and to make things. And we will need a new currency so we can establish trade.

But first we will need to survive. And our survival must include our families, our arts, our crafts, our literature and our traditions.

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