CNN claims that Liz Wahl was a former host of “Breaking the Set”

Liz Wahl

Liz Wahl recently made another guest appearance on CNN, where the network continued their tradition of lambasting RT as a nonsensical “propaganda” channel which should be avoided at all cost. This is despite CNN’s own extensive history of dishonest, slandered, and poorly prepared journalism which has turned the channel into a laughingstock and continues to hit new ratings lows.

The network once again shoots itself in the foot during this interview, as it presents Ms. Wahl’s biographical history as being a former host of “Breaking the Set”. While she did appear on the program on several occasions to dispense some time-killing banter, Liz Wahl was NEVER a host of that show. On the infrequent periods where Abby Martin was not the primary host, those duties were almost exclusively filled by Manuel Rapalo.

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