Less Than 17% of Teenagers in Los Angeles County Have A Job

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Teenage unemployment in the USA is just plain bad. There is no other way to put it. But some cities have fared even worse than others. Based on a report from the Brookings Institution which pooled data from 2010-2011, employment rates for teenagers ranged from an unexemplary high of just over 43% in Ogden, Utah to a low of 16.9% in Los Angeles, California.

  • amuncat

    How does this happen? Gasp! First of all, teens, in the past, have gotten their employment experience from fast food places. No longer! Either they are hiring illegal aliens through franchises, or American citizens who can’t get anything else…try recent college grads.
    To add insult to injury, some of the fast food franchises have foreign workers come over in the summer to work, when our teens use to work most, and after the summer they can “tour” America…translation, become visa overstay! You see, teen jobs are now REAL jobs. Most job creation has been service jobs! Why this report didn’t go in depth is reflective of our current day shoddy journalism.

    • Ewan

      What makes matters worse is that the teenagers most deserving of having the few jobs which are available to them (the rapidly diminishing proportion of L.A.’s population which is simply White or Black, and therefore almost 100% certainty of being legal U.S. citizens) are passed up on jobs in favor of hiring Latino kids.

      Why? Because the human resources departments in Los Angeles are utterly dominated by Latino hiring managers, who feel it is their duty to help out their own kind whenever possible, even when the legal residency status of Latino families is of questionable repute.

      White and Black Californians have been feeling this discrimination for a long time now. That is why they are leaving the state in droves to places where “English-Spanish bilingual” is not a job requirement which is used to discriminate against them.

  • Norma

    I never knew teenagers have to have a job?
    In the past, teens never had to have them. Is this something new?
    I only know, ADULTS had to have jobs, but NOT teens. They’re supposed to study! And in the off hours, have extra-curriculars, such as sports, hobbies, learn other manual skills, or things that they like.