Dogs replacing children in American families

Editor’s Note: If men continue to be placed on the doo-doo end of the stick in the breakdown of American relationships, where good men are forced to hand over half of their assets and property to a woman who suddenly feels like things are “not working out” or that we’re “growing apart” after a few years, then the ranks of single cat-ladies and dog-ladies are going to continue to swell!

While the US birthrate continues dropping, the number of pets in American homes is climbing to new highs. Since 2001, the population of small dogs alone has climbed to over 25 million. Figures like these have managed to concern some sociologists, who fear that Americans are spending too much money on animals, a projected $60 billion in 2014, and not focusing on our families.

Speaking with RT’s Lindsay France about how animals are increasingly squeezing their way into our lives is David Grimm, Online News Editor of Science magazine and author of the new book, “Citizen Canine.” 

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