Red Pill Report (VI)

star wars red pill blue pill

Red Pill: Gun advocates credit new concealed carry laws for sharp drop in Chicago murder rate

Red Pill: The Statistical Frauds of Feminism

Red Pill: An open letter to U.S. military servicemen “You’re not defending our freedoms”

Red Pill: 73% of today’s students will be paying off their student loans into their 50s

Red Pill: The new outsourcing; why the jobs are NEVER coming back

Red Pill: “Welcome to Terminus”. Popularity of ‘The Walking Dead’ is sign of dour mood change in USA.

Red Pill: How the Digital Age has eroded student privacy

Red Pill: Rent is rising out of reach of the Middle Class in many U.S. cities

Red Pill: More Americans go hungry than all but 2 European nations

Red Pill: Survey shows a mere 1% of Spaniards are positive about the economy

Red Pill: Iceland among the world’s happiest countries. USA not even in top 10.

Red Pill: 44% of Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet

Red Pill: 100 facts of the moral collapse of America almost too crazy to believe

Blue Pill: Dallas police insist that filming cops is a ‘major safety issue’ for civilians

Blue Pill: Aspartame’s name changed to “Amino Sweet”. (A toxin by another name is still a toxin)

Blue Pill: Multi-Millionaire NFL player Brandon Spikes says time in New England was like “4 years a slave”

Blue Pill: TSA bars mute stroke victim from flight and forces her to take a bus

Blue Pill: Sorority accused of forcing men to eat dog treats. Where’s the outrage from “feminists”?

Blue Pill: Hank Aaron compares Republicans that oppose Obama to the “KKK”

Blue Pill: Jeb Bush says illegal immigration is an “act of love”

Blue Pill: “Racist” Swan accused of attacking students from ethnic minorities at Warwick University

The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the ignorance of illusion (blue pill). The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, derive from the 1999 film ‘The Matrix’.