State Overreach Is Contributing To An Insane Cost of Living In Australia

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Too expensive! I’m drowning mate! I’m drowning!

Source: Ingenious Press (Digby Jones)

Government overreach is gradually eroding personal freedoms and making the cost of living in Australia, already among the world’s highest, to set new stratospheric levels. Whether it’s banning Australian military personnel from having a traditional beer on the upcoming ANZAC Day, proposals to further increase parking fees (which are already among the world’s most expensive), police forces using cunning new technology to issue as many fines as possible, and new government intervention into the taxi industry, living in the “lucky country” certainly comes with a platinum price tag.

All of the following examples are taken just from April 2014.

It can be enough to drive you insane! The following video, taken in 2013, shows an Adelaide man purposefully paying his parking fine only in five cent pieces. However, the state cronies attempt to reject his perfectly legal tender.

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