Cultural Marxist ‘Young Turks’ Rips On Confederate Flags (Again)

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Source: Ingenious Press

‘The Young Turks’, and it’s sub-channels like ‘Young Turks University’, are “progressive” news outlets who throw their left-coast ideologies and sound bites into every newsworthy story imaginable to young people. (Case in point, about every fourth or fifth story is related to sex & porn in some way.)

In this latest talking-head exchange between hosts Lisa Ferguson and John Iadarola, they discuss the issue of the Confederate flag being displayed on the campus of Washington-Lee University in Virginia, where students of color want it to be removed (due to the classic “it’s a symbol of slavery” argument).

They bring their woeful lack of historical knowledge and proper context to the issue, while making their state-sanctioned and Cultural Marxist education abundantly clear. Women, Minority, and LGBT interests must be treated as royalty and put on a pedestal, while anything Southern, White, and Male must be “racist” and “weird” to them. Not to mention being the subject of repeated ridicule and scorn. Here are some of the (bogus) points they make.

  • Making an analogy that Confederate flags are like Nazi flags, in that they should only be displayed in museums for educational purposes, in order to show you how “horrible” these things are, and that they have no place in public life. (1:45 – 2:15)
  • Saying “I’m White, and I still would not feel comfortable at a university that flies the Confederate flag”. (But a U.S. flag would be just fine, even though it’s the banner of the nation considered to be the biggest threat to world peace.)
  • They want to make a moot point that the Civil War wasn’t entirely about slavery, but it was mostly about slavery, and therefore the Confederate flag is supposed to be a symbol of slavery (that is simply not true, and it may interest these clueless kids that less than 5% of White Southerners were slave owners). (3:30 – 3:50)
  • They also claim that it’s a “weird” culture and a “weird” source of pride how people in the South identify with the Confederate flag (because living on the liberal left-coast your whole life is supposed to make you an expert on the South). (4:10 – 4:40)
  • Finally, John exclaims that it was literally “Un-American” for the South to attempt to break apart from the country and that the South did “horrible things” (not taking into consideration that it was completely within the rights stated by the constitution to practice a little thing called self-determination, and that the Union states actually committed horrific crimes during their forays into the Deep South. Akin to…well…..the Nazi’s!) (5:30 – 5:45)