Former RT Anchor Liz Wahl: “How to Quit Like I Did”

liz wahl

When jealousy of Abby Martin’s success became too much to bear for poor Lizzie

American journalist Liz Wahl made international news this past March, when she quit her job at Russia Today during a live broadcast. The clip of Wahl’s resignation instantly went viral, with millions of hits on YouTube. In the following video, she explains to Bloomberg the do’s and dont’s of how to quit your job, and what you can expect if you follow her lead and go out with a bang.

(Expect a swarm of ridicule from your utter lack of professionalism, blatant attention whoring, sabotaging relationships with your former colleagues, demonstrating that you a serious potential liability for prospective employers, and garnering a permanent online presence so shrouded in controversy that you may wind up being unemployed for a LONG time!)