Russia wants war! Iran wants war! China wants war!




china wants war

  • No Jew

    Could some one please with knowledge–where and how does the money come from to have such a military–all over the planet? It cannot be from just taxes collected–over half of general public are unemployed :^(

    • Samwise

      Fake money. Created out of thin air from the “federal” reserve bank. If you run out of money, it’s OK, just print more.

      • freewheelinfranklin543

        Plus the military deals heroin with their CIA buddies. A lot of black ops are financed that way.As Paul Craig Roberts says;”The USA is a gangster state!

  • westisfacist

    the facist west will get it’s war and very soon, it is not about the average person, it is about the 1% that wants this war, well you will get it and there will be no place to hide

  • Amreekee

    is this real? we have bases because of germany and japan. If you recall, we never wanted to get so involved. Russia and UK needed us and after it was over we were given bases. Now of course, I’m not suggesting we still need these bases. I’m just pointing out that we are not the fascists… We definitely didn’t leave the region after we got them from WWII because the russians began acting like fascists (remember the soviet union much and east/west berlin?). WTF are they teaching people? These maps could be funny if you said, “Russia wants war, because russia wants to take over countries that aren’t theirs and the west has bases in those countries!” and “Iran wants war because they fail to realize that if the ruskies and brits hadn’t invaded their country during WWII the nazis and japs would’ve shown up to completely exterminate them… and as a result the west is still surrounding them!” Y’all are a bunch of doofs that read in one direction and never challenge your teachers. FED and CIA and fascists! haha, bunch of noobs.

    • Samwise

      How would you feel about Russia and China having naval bases at Veracruz, Mexico? Or somewhere in the Bahamas? Probably not very good. The USA having bases everywhere is pure arrogance and belligerence, and it’s financially DESTROYING our once great country.

  • Phantomflinger

    Think of it this way folks, America and NATO are dying by their own hand, the death of a thousand cuts, Russia and China have to do little to keep the West engaged and wasting billions chasing its own tails, the worst thing for Russia and China right now is for the US to actually disengage itself because America is pushing and pulling itself over the abyss and neither Asian nation has to do a thing to make it happen.

    This is exactly what power and self appointed arrogance gets you, Russia and China have got the “bait and switch” game almost perfect, America steams around the ME threatening Syria or Iran and up pops North Korea with a “new threat” and so America storms off over there at great cost, currently the US has 90% of its carriers in for serious repairs because of the overwork and constant sea faring and everytime it moves its focus, it spends billions, now with two new players Putin can wag under Obama’s nose, the end game is in sight, Moldova and Ukraine, Syria and Iran, North Korea, parts of Africa, every drone fired off costs millions of American’s taxpayers money and so the US drains its own resources and no longer can it finance its wars, watch and see when China says “No more T bills” anticipated sometime this year and watch the panic in the White House when it realises there is no more credit, no more money for the war economy, it is then that America will realise that its government has played fast and loose with the taxpayer and it is then that the American people will realise why every state agent now has a gun, why every state agency now has a vast armoury and why killing innocent people can be done by the state with impunity.