The One-Sided Hypocrisy of American Military Power Displays

naval task force - American Military Power

Your tax dollars at work

Source: Ingenious Press

American Military Power and hegemony is up in arms over the impending superpower status of China and a resilient Russia. Time to be the bully (as usual).

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article with the headline “U.S. Beefs Up Military Options for China as Obama Reassures Allies in Asia” (April 27, 2014), and the very first sentence reads as follows:

“The U.S. military has prepared options for a muscular response to any future Chinese provocations in the South and East China seas, ranging from displays of B-2 bomber flights near China to aircraft-carrier exercises near its coastal waters”

Now stop and think about his for a minute. How do you imagine the U.S. government and general public would respond to a prominent Chinese newspaper writing provocative diatribe such as this?

“The Chinese military has prepared options for a muscular response to any future American provocations in the Gulf of Mexico and California coastline, ranging from displays of B-2 bomber flights near Houston and Los Angeles, to aircraft-carrier exercises near its coastal waters”.

Que the doomsday rhetoric from the mainstream media and the “Murica!” screaming simpletons from all over the United States, who would be up to their ears in an absolute twitter of gargantuan proportions. Making a long story short, this would be a scenario considered to be absolutely intolerable to the American psyche. After all, it is we who throw our weight around the world, and nobody would dare to respond with reciprocal force.

America must always be “right” in what we do without question, and those pesky Chinks and Ruskies must always be “wrong” somehow. If they set up shop in the Gulf of Mexico, then surely they must be cooking up some sinister plan to swiftly destroy the United States, ready and prepared to backstab on our “friendship” at any moment. They simply could never be trusted to act as responsible upholders of peace and prosperity.

These are outrageous accusations which would inevitably emerge from such a hypothetical scenario, yet they couldn’t be any farther from the truth. However, few would take the time to thoroughly analyse the scenario and come to grips with the outrageous hypocrisy of the whole charade.

They would not realize that choking the Chinese dragon merely into their own backyard pool through these provocative measures, is absolutely no different than a hypothetical scenario where China managed to secure naval facilities and military access to Veracruz, Mexico – Havana, Cuba – or even St. John’s, (Newfoundland) Canada. Much like Okinawa, South Korea, and the Philippines are within easy reach of China, these areas are all within easy reach of the United States, and it would be entirely hypocritical if the United States military forbade the stationing of Chinese military assets in these pivotal areas.

state of veracruz

The state of Veracruz in Mexico. Would you feel comfortable and happy with Russia or China having a major naval presence here?

As long as the United States feels it has the “right” to continue this maddening level of military spending and saber-rattling in lands which are many thousands of kilometers away, then fairness dictates that the People’s Republic of China or Russian Federation has the moral justification to respond in kind.

I can only hope that all three parties could safely and responsibly avoid making such idiotic and futile gestures of regional power projection, just so their inner power circles can get a little fix of dopamine by proudly exclaiming they have “global hegemony” (as if that’s supposed to make anyone’s life better!).

After all, it is a stand-off which could plunge the world into irreversible destruction. And over what? A chain of rocky mounds that separates China and Japan? What on Earth does that have to do with the United States, and how does it fix our tremendous unemployment, infrastructure, and social problems here in the mainland?

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