Sexist Double Standards – All Men Being Considered Potential Predators

misandry - potential predators

Discriminatory policies and attitudes against men have become so widespread in “feminist” countries such as Australia, that millions of fathers and grandfathers may be reluctant to show their children affection in public, due to fear of being branded a “dirty old man”. A number of innocent men have been questioned and even detained by police while going about their parental duties. It highlights a growing trend where all men are considered potential predators.

  • michaelrivero

    This is not a growing trend. This is a revival of a
    tactic successfully used in the 1990s to bolster the militant feminist
    movement, yet another divide and conquer tactic to keep Americans
    fighting each other instead of the common enemy of a corrupt and
    unconstitutional government. In hindsight, part of the goal was to make
    men seem inhuman and thus disposable, to make it easier to send them off
    to die in wars of conquest.

  • Anis

    More Jewish attacks to break up families in the West. Do these odious Femiists ever mention Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Hodge or the loathsome Harriet Harman when they are getting Bolshy?

    • Drdetroitdanchap

      Not men “of color” …… only White Men are guilty. Dem bitches don’ dare open dey moofs to ……..

  • No More Manginas

    If this is the attitude in Australia, then what would it be in Sweden or Norway? It would have to be twice as bad in those ultra-feminist man-hating hell holes.