Robots Are Coming To Take Your Jobs (A Billion Of Them)

they took our jobs - robots are coming

I don’t want to talk about Democrats versus Republicans, I want to talk about Robots. Everybody loves to get these apps, you know, these apps do all this great stuff, but here is what you are not thinking about. All those apps used to be done by people.

Imagine yourself driving up to a fast food restaurant in the next five years. It’s just going to be a flat screen, your going to hit a couple of buttons, and a window is going to open up which hands out your sandwich. There is going to be no people in there. It’s just going to be a big Robot.

Apps, Smartscreens, Robots, they are probably going to wipe out a billion jobs. Then what are we going to do? The Democrats say they want more government. God bless you. The Republicans say less government. God bless you. The Robots are laughing. Because more government or less government is not going to affect them at all. Robots are coming to take your jobs, and nobody is doing anything about it.