Male Empowerment – Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

male empowerment

This video aims to showcase, without compromise to feminist narrative, the positive traits of men and those aptitudes which are typically male. It’s time for men and boys to feel good about themselves again!

No schoolboy should ever have to sit in class while his teacher makes him feel responsible for all the wrongs perpetrated throughout history, or makes him feel worthless and inadequate, or tells him that his gender harms the other and that women will need protecting from him when he gets older. This should be seen for what it is, nothing other than an ideologue abusing her position as a teacher in order to deliver dehumanising classroom propaganda to children. That’s misandry, miss!

It was the toil of men—that of our fathers and grandfathers—that built the industry, the railways, the water and sewage systems that lifted millions, if not billions, out of subsistence level poverty. It is typically the male sex that is willing to shoulder the risk and endure the suffering necessary to push back human boundaries for the benefit of others. It is typically the male left-brain psyche that is the inventive one, the one to gaze at the heavens and to have the inclination to go there.

ABOUT US is an activist group set-up to conduct peaceful protest on behalf of men and boys in order to raise awareness of the hidden prejudice and misandry they face in society. We are men and women who stand up for the human worth of all males, irrespective of race, sexual orientation or social status. Bring about male empowerment.

This production was released in association with A Voice for Men:

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