Ride Like Marty McFly In 2015! The Hoverboard In Real Life!

Editor’s Note: Looks like a ton of fun! I just wish more scientific and entrepreneurial efforts could go towards creating things such as this, which put huge smiles on people’s faces and allow for a successful business operation, rather than development for attack drones and trillion dollar failures like the F-35.

The Flyboard, which is also affectionately called the “Hoverboard” by ‘Back To The Future’ enthusiasts, was created by French entrepreneur and watercraft rider Franky Zapata in 2011. However, the invention has only very recently been available for public use.

It is a type of water jetpack attached to a personal water craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through air and water. The water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath, which provide thrust for the rider to either fly up to 15 metres in the air, or to dive headlong through the water.

For more information visit: hoverboardvideo.com

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