Brazil Avoids Bad Press

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Source: 28 Sherman

Brazil is skating free this World Cup. Russia hosted the Winter Olympics, and we heard many times about the uber oppressive, gay hating nation of slavs headed up by a cold hearted son of a bitch (Vladimir Putin). Every moment NBC could, it shoehorned something about gay bashing. There was even talk of the immense cost of building the Sochi area up and oligarchs. Somehow South Africa missed this same treatment. Hmmm, must be something on the surface, skin deep if you will. Brazil has had a bit of press on the wealth and income inequality issue.

Brazil has a Gini Coefficient of nearly 55. This is much higher than America and Russia, yet I have not heard about oligarchs. Brazil is one of the BRICS that have been rising in the globalization era. If wealth and income are that much more concentrated, who are these elites sucking in the dollars? Brazil has 79 billionaires. For such a diverse country, most of those guys look like they would fit in at a GOP convention. Weird that we’re not getting that pushed more. The income inequality message is a powerful one now, and with favelas to display in sweeping camera pans, this would be a winner. Must be something skin deep.

It is interesting the media has not made a bigger deal about Brazil’s murder and violence problem. With progressive hand wringing over shootings in America, one would think the media might mention the astronomical murder rate in Brazil. Brazil is pushing for a bigger seat at the global table, including plans to build an aircraft carrier. In South America, they are trying to position themselves as the alternative to the US hegemon. An investigative reporter could dig into these global aspirations as the nation cannot contain its violence problem. The nation’s most successful film franchise is focused on corruption, the elites, drug lords and violent gangs. How are they going to step up the regional hegemon if they cannot clean up favelas? Must be something skin deep.

There is one thing in every press blurb on this World Cup; the word diverse. Brazil is oh so diverse. Brazil has tons of diversity. Oh gosh it is so diverse! Diversity creates “problems” the media can report (like Sailer mentioning how the never-ending tide of Hispanic immigrants become media talking points for US problems). Whites can only go to the games while the blacks stay outside! Grrr! Look at the media twist a fact and say over half the nation identified as “black or of mixed race”.

The one drop rule lives on in the media and claiming affirmative action perks. This reminds me of black American women ranting at the Brazilians online who run Brazilian model blogs saying how many blacks there are there, when in reality, they are less than 10% of Brazil. The Brazilians usually smack them back in good fashion. Ronaldo is not black, so ABC, are you calling him black? Would you do it to his face? I doubt it. Thanks to diversity we solved the mystery as to why Brazil’s been shielded this World Cup.

In summary, we have a nation that is 48% white, 42% beige, 8% black, 1% Indio and 1% Asian. It has massive income inequality that is the worst in the G-20. It has a murder rate that is five times the US murder rate. The slums are world renowned for their lawlessness and poverty, but they are aligned with some elites in a democracy headed up by a female who was once an urban Marxist guerilla. They also have socialized medicine. If we think of progressive talking points, this is their dream for America’s future. Enjoy the United States of Brazil.

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