Help! He Wants Me to Sign a Prenup

lona smith - prenup

Yes, it seems too ridiculous to fathom at times, but this is an actual introduction video for the self-titled book by Dr. Lona Smith which was released in 2007. Divorce is now so rampant in the United States and other western countries (with women initiating roughly 80% of the divorce proceedings) that a 21st century man would be absolutely foolish not to organize a prenuptial agreement.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect the financial rewards from your years of hard work, and potentially generations worth of accumulated family assets, from a woman who suddenly decides that she is now “unhaaaappy” in the relationship and wants to call it quits. Don’t be taken to the cleaners for 50% of your net worth. Men have just as much of a right to organize a prenup (prenuptial agreement) that’s in their best interests as does a woman.