The United States Is “There To Help” In Ukraine

help lie - there to help

The Pentagon claims that it is “there to help” for the ongoing Ukrainian crisis in eastern Ukraine, failing to recognize it’s own transgressions.

The most blue pill of blue pill news channels in the United States (The Pentagon Channel), is continuing to demonize Russia for it’s supposed “provocative actions” in Ukraine (like the U.S. government bears zero responsibility for instigating the Ukrainian coup) and calls for the country to withdraw it’s forces from the Ukrainian border.

Not only does the Pentagon have the gall to decide where Russia can place it’s troops within it’s own borders, but it fails to recognize that it is actually the United States who has been the most provocative player in ensuring that the illegitimate Kiev government of Petro Poroshenko came to power. The Poroshenko regime has resulted in widespread and violent crackdowns in eastern Ukraine, where a number of large towns are majority Russian-speaking and want to either practice self-determination or preferably join the Russian Federation.

languages of ukraine

If you closely study this linguistic map of Ukraine, many people in the far east of Ukraine (and certainly the Crimea) have legitimate reasons to want to permanently distance themselves from the anti-Russian Kiev government. However, wanting to do anything to further isolate, damage, or undermine Russia, the Pentagon is sending over $33 million in aid to Kiev-affiliated military forces. It is their agenda to help ensure an outcome which is most beneficial for imperialistic U.S. foreign policy, all to the complete detriment of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine who are being oppressed, humiliated, and murdered with little recourse.

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  • James Leonard

    If the US really wants to help Ukraine, there is an urgent need for caskets and grave diggers at the moment. Down the road a couple of months there will be an even bigger need for a way for Ukraine to buy gas to heat their homes this winter.

    Ukraine had a $15 billion deal without strings with Russia and a gas price of $286 per 1,000 cu. m. but America’s interference killed that. I can hardly wait to see how the US improves on that deal. Maybe Ms. Nuland will distribute some more cookies to keep the people happy.