Ex-CIA Intern Anderson Cooper Says TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down

anderson cooper - wolf blitzer - TWA flight 800

CNN shill Anderson Cooper, who was also a former intern at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), admitted on-air that TWA flight 800 was actually shot down by a missile in 1996. However, he hastily retracts on his statement in order to keep perpetuating the government lie which has been continuing for the past 18 years.

“I just want to correct something I said regarding the plane crash, earlier I said that today was the anniversary of flight TWA 800, crashing off the coast of Long Island in 1996. I believe I said that it was shot down, obviously the government said it was a center fuel tank explosion. Although some people indicated they saw a rocket, there was no evidence of that. It was ruled to be a center fuel tank explosion, so I apologize for misspeaking about that anniversary.”

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