NYPD Kill Man (Eric Garner) On Video After He Breaks Up Fight

eric garner

New York City police officers killed a man (Eric Garner) on Thursday after he had broken up a fight between two other men, insisting on placing him in a chokehold and slamming his head to the pavement, piling on top of him as he gasped for air and as he continually told the cops he could not breathe.

The entire incident was caught on video from a witness who kept telling the cops that the man had not committed a crime. But evidently, the cops suspected him of selling untaxed cigarettes, which apparently is a very serious crime in New York City.

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  • TreAnthony

    If a civilian had put another civilian or a cop in a choke hold, either out of anger or just horse playing, where would they be right now? We all know that civilian would be behind bars for murder or at the very least for involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide…This cop, Daniel Pantaleo gets to work 5 days a week on the beat and go home, eat, sleep and shit every day. Pantaleo robbed Eric Garner of those basic rights. Pantaleo should be held accountable for his unlawful choke hold that caused this man’s death and every EMT worker should also be charged with familiar to render medical attention to the man. That man NEVER should have died that way at the hands of the NYPD.

    The only way that this police brutality will come to an end is that if every citizen in New York refuse to pay State taxes until the entire NY Police Department across the State is reformed. There should also be a law in place that holds every Police Officer personally accountable when they cause the death of any citizen that they arrest. At the end of the day, Daniel Pantaleo clearly violated Eric Garner’s civil rights because the attempted arrest was blatantly unlawful: no crime was committed by Eric and he was in a public place where he had the right to be.

    The person that called the police in the first place on Eric Garner contributed to Garner’s death because if they had not called the police to falsely accuse Garner of loitering, this might not have happened…That person’s conscious should bother them for the rest of their life: knowing that the phone call that they made to police got a man killed.

    R.I.P. Eric Garner…and may The entire Garner family find peace with the loss of Eric Garner……

  • TreAnthony

    When that cop said that “this is now become a crime scene”, right then and there they KNEW that man was dead at the scene….

  • Sam Carmine

    First of all, stop calling the choke hold unlawful. At implies illegal, but it was only against department policy.

    Second of all, he was resisting arrest. If you say that the hype had no right to touch him, then you are advocating open crime as long as they don’t assault a police officer. Simply waving your arms around and not staying still and putting yours arms behind you to be handcuffed is enough reason to not arrest people.

    Third, his death was the result of pre-existing medical conditions including severe obesity, not the choke hold. Knocking him down on his chest and putting a knee in his back (standard police procedure for the safety of the officers) could still have injured him without the choke hold.

    Lastly, he was being arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes, which he had been arrested for many times before. (Career criminal.) Do I agree with the law about selling loosies? Not really. But that is moot, because it is the law and an ordered society cannot have selective enforcement of laws.