JIBO: The “Family Robot” Almost Tailor-Made For The NSA

JIBO - Family Robot


Touted as the world’s first “family robot”, JIBO is planned to be a $500 device which can “help out around the house” by intelligently tracking the action around him and taking high-definition video and photos. Because not only is taking video or photography yourself too much of a hassle these days, the NSA probably thinks this would be a wonderful idea for “security”.

JIBO also acts as an inferior supplement to actual human interaction for the elderly, and allows parents to avoid bonding with their young child by assigning JIBO the task of reading bedtime stories instead of themselves. Finally, rather than allowing a family to simply sit down and enjoy a meal together, JIBO must interfere with the moment by displaying pictures of the pizza their college-age son is eating over on campus.

“His” name is JIBO, and he “loves you” and will always be watching you….