Teenage Girl Beaten By Police For A Curfew Violation

beat up by police - Curfew Violation

A 17-year-old girl in Pittsburgh was beaten by police, and later hospitalized, after she and a group of friends were stopped for a curfew violation. Merceedez Wright is now wearing a neck brace and has cuts and bruises all over her body, the result of a violent encounter with police which occurred on the night of July 15th. Power-tripping police officers aggressively pursued and injured this teenager all for the unspeakable “crime” of being near an ice cream shop just a few minutes past 10pm, the neighborhood enforced curfew.

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  • Alabama Mothman

    The cops are looking for ANY excuse to murder and brutalize American citizens. She is lucky they didnt kill her.

  • Ryan

    Where is the MENTAL SCREENING of these THUGS? This is Child ABUSE at least, SEXUAL PREDATION more probably …… MEN beating a young FEMALE sounds like SEXUAL SADISM.

  • fatwillie

    Real men doing a real mans job and by their standards, these real men should or might get some kind of medal. Oh how proud they must be of themselves, how proud their families must be of them, as they sit around the dinner table and talk about how daddy is keeping the city and the people safe from hardened criminals. What a bunch of pathetic pieces of human excrement.