What Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About The Gaza Invasion

dena takruri - Gaza Invasion

First of all, context matters in the Gaza invasion. Before the three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed on June 12th, five Palestinian children had been killed by IDF forces in 2014 alone. However, unlike the three Israeli teenagers, their deaths did not generate international outrage or a global campaign, although it did add significantly to Gaza residents’ increasing frustration with the Israeli occupation.

The mainstream media also does a really good job of making this conflict seem like a war between two equal sides. Yet in reality it’s a true David vs. Goliath confrontation between Israeli’s mighty and technologically advanced western-backed military, and Palestinian protesters and fighters equipped mostly with rocks and a small amount of highly unreliable homemade rockets.

If the conflict is supposed to be merely “tit for tat” retaliation, the numbers simply do not compare. Since 2009, IDF forces have killed over 600 Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. The number of Israeli’s killed by Palestinians in that same time frame? Just over 40.

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  • Paul C

    I enjoy these Youtube channels where young 20-somethings actually want to make things right in the world and couldn’t sound stupid if they tried. Then compare them to soulless morons like Jen Psaki who is merely around 35.

  • Theo

    She forgot to mention that the IDF is being “anti-semitic”, which is the worst thing that anybody can be labeled. Because The Palestinians are semitic people, while the Ashkenazi Jews who control Israel are DNA-fake Khazars. The Khazar frauds are being anti-semitic!! Anti-semites! Anti-semites!!

    • Isaac Baum

      Well, DNA Tests refute your “thesis”. You can prove it in your own lab. Stupid anti-semite

  • Bert

    Oh, I wonder who owns 99% of the ‘Mainstream media’? Um, let me guess. Ohhh, mustn’t talk about that.

  • Rc59

    The tribes of arabs involved in these confrontations are no better than packs of rabid animals bent on the desruction of each other. Shia, Sunni, Sufi or Hebrew what does it matter? Until they are all muzzled and kenneled for the benefit of all mankind we will be subjected to these acts of sub human behavior.

    • Isaac Baum

      But since WWI AND WWII were perpetrated by Europeans, you wouldn’t label it as subhuman behavior, or would you Mr. Untermensch?

  • Isaac Baum

    So? All it takes is not shooting any rockets and there won’t be more death “palestinians”