Over 100,000 Britons Rally To Condemn Israel’s Gaza Assault

Gaza Protest - Gaza Assault

Over one hundred thousand Britons have once again staged rallies to condemn Israel’s deadly Gaza assault. The country is witnessing its biggest ever pro-Palestinian movement, unsurpassed by anything in past decades within the United Kingdom.

Protesters have been piling the pressure on politicians. They’re angry at what they see as blind support for Israel, regardless of the human cost. Cries of “shame on you” could be heard as the crowds passed Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister. Press TV’s Nargess Moballeghi spoke to protesters to find out about their reasons for taking part in the demonstration.

“I am sick of it. The whole world is sick of it. The Israeli’s are dehumanizing themselves. How can they behave like this after they’ve suffered themselves so much.”

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