Religious Brainwashing: Marines Training And The Power Of Faith

military chaplain - power of faith

The pervasiveness of religiosity in the U.S. military, as compared to the increasingly secular U.S. civilian population, and particularly for the rest of the largely irreligious (and non-warmongering) western world, has always been intriguing to me.

How can people in such large numbers profess to follow a theoretically peace-loving faith, which is more often than not Christianity, and choose to be part of an organization that only leads to horrific human suffering and devastating property damage? That’s not to even mention the completely wasted tax dollars and human resources which could otherwise be allocated for more civil and productive endeavors.

Unfortunately, this video shows that the Department of Defense has successfully brainwashed large numbers of Christian soldiers. They have been led to believe that through the power of faith, there is a “moral and spiritual” side of being a warrior. That is, there is supposedly something “moral” about being sent overseas to accomplish nothing other than to trespass on a country which has never harmed the United States, control local resources, and be ready to kill the native inhabitants on a moments notice.

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