Tiny House Movement Gaining Traction In The United States

tiny house

The tiny house movement is growing in the United States, as young people look for more low-cost and mobile-friendly alternatives to the mortgage life.

The growing popularity of minimalist living among young adults, coinciding with the ongoing lackluster economy in the United States, is seeing the ranks of “tiny house” dwellers increase substantially across the country. Low-paying job prospects for many people across diverse backgrounds, and the fact that a traditional home entails a 30-year financial commitment (complete with never-ending property taxes and other fees), is also making this way of life increasingly attractive.

Others enjoy the relative ease of travel that tiny houses provide. It allows them to easily uproot themselves and change locations when employment opportunities arise elsewhere, and be able to extensively travel and enjoy the nations diverse national park system, historical towns, and cultural events. All of this comes without the sky-high costs involved in a combination of airline tickets, staying in hotels, or renting out automobiles to attain the same goals.

The tiny house movement has even recently caught the attention of the popular Daily Mail website, which posted an article featuring numerous interior photographs of tiny houses, in addition to a video tour of a Cypress 24 model. Earlier this year in March, there was also a TEDx presentation which conveyed the idea that tiny houses can offer the ultimate freedom to a generation which favors mobility and minimalist living.

After all, in an increasingly digital world, many people do few recreational activities in their own home other than using a computer, fiddling on their smartphone, or watching a flat-screen television. The comparative lack of space in a tiny house actually encourages people to (hopefully) be more active and personable, in a world which is increasingly indifferent and sheltered.

Finally, for those who are ready to ditch their tiny homes due to changes in relationship status, improving financial fortunes, or are simply finished with the traveling lifestyle, cleaning out your house will obviously not be a very burdensome task!

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