Learn Liberty And The (Nonexistent) Gender Pay Gap: It’s Personal Choice!

gender pay gap

How many times, oh how many times do we have to hear about the repeatedly debunked ’77 cents on the dollar’ gender pay gap between men and women? If your primary source of information is the mainstream media, that would approximately translate to non-stop. They behave like men are misogynistic pigs who take pleasure in paying women exactly 23 cents less per dollar than women who (theoretically) work in the exact same job. That’s rubbish and you know it.

‘Learn Liberty’ finally addresses this long-standing “issue” (media-concocted lie) by highlighting that personal choices between men and women, in addition to the subject of mandated maternity leave, lead to their own disparities. The truth is that while women are temporarily away on maternity leave (and ‘temporary’ can be up to a year or more in Scandinavian countries), their career goals and advancement opportunities can be permanently stunted.

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