Six Things To Know If Police Stop You In The U.S.

police stop

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it about three dozen times across the freedomsphere. Nonetheless, few other things are more important to regularly rehash than knowing your rights when dealing with the police. Of course, the golden rule when dealing with police is to try and avoid dealing with them completely. However, if the police stop for any reason, always remember the following six pointers.

  • The first rule is to stay calm and don’t argue, while keeping your hands clearly visible at all times. (Your life may depend upon this!)
  • You also have the right to remain silent, and it’s highly recommended that you should say this out loud.
  • Ask if you are being detained. If not, you are free to leave. If you are being detained, you have the right to find out why.
  • You furthermore have the right to refuse consent to the search of your car, your dwelling, or yourself, unless the police have a search warrant or suspect that your car contains evidence of a crime. However, the police can pat you down for weapons.
  • Unless they have a warrant, the police cannot search your phone or confiscate footage, and you do have the right to film police in public.
  • Finally, if you are arrested, you have the right to know under the circumstances, and have the right to a lawyer.

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