The Big Picture – War Always Comes Home

thom hartmann - war always comes home

Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying that “nothing is certain but death and taxes”. But he can actually add one more certainty to that list. “War always comes home”. While people who start wars rarely think about it or plan for it, war always comes home.

After World War II and the Korean War, thousands of American soldiers came home with PTSD and other physical and mental wounds of war. Unfortunately they never received the treatment and help that they needed. After Vietnam the American soldiers came home with PTSD, while also carrying home diseases thanks to exposure to agent orange. Heroin addiction was also rampant.

Today that exposure to agent orange in Vietnam is still being felt, as is the heroin addiction. After the first Gulf War, American soldiers came home with high levels of depleted uranium in their blood, and they had children who were born with debilitating birth defects. Which brings us to today…

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