Indiana Police Captain Tries To Explain Why His Town Needs An MRAP

MRAP - Indiana Police

MRAP’s (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle) are made for the cruelties and horrors of the battlefield, but police departments across the U.S. are getting them for bargain prices from the Defense Department’s Defense Logistics Agency. In the following video, Captain Gary Woodruff of Lawrence, Indiana (pop. 47,000) gives his explanation why they “need” the MRAP they have obtained this past June.

The tried and true “officer safety” excuse is mentioned several times, signifying that his police department somehow has exaggerated reasons to fear it’s own citizenry in this relatively quiet corner of the United States. Captain Woodruff even makes a dubious claim that it will be used to “protect citizens” as needed, which is a rather far-fetched scenario and unlike anything we have witnessed so far from militarized police or S.W.A.T. raids across the country.

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