Urban Mobility Adventure – RV Living In The USA

rv living

RV living is not just for a recreational roadtrip anymore. Many people purchase RV’s for full-time living to save money on rent/mortgage, or for other financial emergencies and to quickly escape societal unrest.

“I think my fascination with RV’s (recreational vehicles) began around 1984 and 1985, when I realized that having the ability to be self-contained resonated with me. The ability that I could go somewhere without having to rely on an outside power source or an outside influence (ie. $100-a-night accommodations) clicked in my brain. I realized that having an RV was an insurance policy in life, rather than just for recreation.

An RV can be used for a lot of different purposes. Meaning if there were some sort of emergency, or some personal situation in your life where you lost your job, or you had to relocate, you could have a home and a roof over your head, no matter where you were situated.”

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